EFI Polymers是一家化學品制造公司,創立于1993年。EFI Polymers生產和銷售的產品包括環氧樹脂和聚氨酯澆注密封材料、粘合劑和電子防護材料。

EFI Polymers is a chemical manufacturing company that has been supplying epoxy and urethane potting materials, adhesives, and coatings since 1993.

EFI Polymers的材料應用領域廣泛。例如,為計量裝置提供密封和絕緣,提供用于航空航天產業的蜂窩板粘合劑,公路標志帶使用的防水彈性材料。

EFI Polymers’s materials are used in a wide array of applications, from sealing and insulating utility metering devices, providing adhesives for honeycomb panels used in the aerospace industry, to waterborne, flexible coatings used in highway marking tape.

除了頂尖的化學配方工程師,EFI Polymers還聘請了對高分子聚合物和聚合物加工設備富有經驗的技術銷售人員。EFI Polymers的銷售人員和多家計量混合注膠設備制造商結下了互惠互利的關系。雙重的知識有助于確保我們不僅能為客戶提供性能最佳的材料,也知道如何改善運營效率并可靠地創建出高品質、高技術成品。

In addition to a top-notch chemical formulating staff, EFI Polymers also employs a technical sales staff that has great experience in not only chemical polymers, but the processing equipment necessary to use these polymers. Our sales staff has forged beneficial relationships with several Meter Mix Dispense equipment manufacturers. This overlapping knowledge helps ensure that our customers not only have the best performing material available, but also have the processing know how to improve operational efficiency and reliably create high-quality, high-tech finished goods.

EFI Polymers的員工在聚合物行業積累了超過100年且令人難以置信的經驗和知識,使我們能夠發現問題,并使用定制配方和創新思維解決這些問題。

The incredible experience and knowledge that our staff has accumulated over their 100 + combined years in the polymers industry allows us to uncover problems, and solve them using custom formulations and innovative thinking.

EFI Polymers總部設在科羅拉多州丹佛市,位于美國的中心位置,使材料能在國內和國際快速運輸。我們服務的市場遍布世界各地,并運到歐洲、南美、亞洲和澳大利亞。

Based in Denver, Colorado, EFI Polymers has a central location in the United States, allowing materials to be quickly shipped both nationally and internationally. We serve markets all over the world, and ship to Europe, South America, Asia, and Australia.


Since Wilkon's  foundation, we have established cooperation with a number of powerful state-owned enterprises, military enterprises, listed companies, private companies or international companies. We provide quality-stable materials and efficient service. Our sales staff has gone through rigorous training and has extensive application experience. These all guarantee that Wilkon constantly gets more customers’ trust and recognition. If there’s any inquiry on chemical materials, please feel free to contact us.
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